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The Anglican Communion website reports that Rwanda's 26,340 square kilometres are home to over a million Anglicans, out of a quickly growing population of 12 million. The former Ruanda Mission established its first station at Gahini in 1925 and grew through the revival of the 1930s and 1940s, with the first Rwandan bishop appointed in 1965. Like all strata of Rwandan society, the Church suffered through the genocide, and continues to have a role in ministering healing to the many traumatised people in Rwanda, and in working for reconciliation, restoration, and rehabilitation. It is a Church which, more than most, has faced the need to provide life-changing teaching about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Diocese of Kigali (from 2013)

The first Rooted in Jesus conference in Rwanda was hosted in July 2013 in Kigali. Superbly organised by by Manasseh Tuyizere, the Diocesan Youth coordinator, the conference was attended by 75 youth leaders and 25 catechists. All of the Rooted in Jesus coursebooks were translated into Kinyarwanda before the conference began, and the delegates returned to their parishes eager to start Rwanda's first Rooted in Jesus groups.

Manasseh reported:

  1. The conference participants learned about discipleship. They understood Jesus' calls for the youth to share the word of God in small groups and the practicalities of spiritual multiplication Matthew 28:19.
  2. The youth enjoyed worship and learnt about the work of the Holy Spirit in the sessions held.
  3. The whole delegation was envisioned about the church vision for the youth, youth and children evangelism, and also how to use limited resources available. They accepted to spread the gospel to many others and form Bible Clubs in their churches.
  4. Youth from different parishes at different levels of Education shared their experience.

Groups got off to a good start, and in January 2014 Manasseh wrote that groups had started in seven parishes, with up to six groups in each, some of which had already moved on to Book 2. There were also student groups using the course.

In July 2014 a team from the UK and Burundi returned to Kigali to offer a followup conference. Held again in Kigali Cathedral, it was attended by 19 existing and 85 new group leaders. The team leader wrote: 'I have rarely seen such energy and passion in the worship of God. It would be easy to interpret this in purely cultural or generational terms, but we sensed that within it something deep and real was happening that spoke of a profound openness to God and to the work of his Spirit.'

In October 2015 the Diocese ran two further Rooted in Jesus conferences, the first an introductory one for 48 Mothers Union leaders, the second a followup conference for 54 Youth Cell Leaders. Eight of the Youth Leaders were leading existing groups, and they reported that 16 new leaders had emerged from those groups. The Mothers' Union groups will be overseen by the Diocesan MU Coordinator, Peace Mukamisha. The youth cell groups will be supported by Eric Habyarimana, head of the Youth Department, and Manasseh Tuyizere, head of the Mission and Training department.

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