The Anglican Church in Nigeria is strong in numbers, with an estimated 20 million members in 156 Dioceses and 14 Provinces, of which around 30 are Missionary Dioceses.


Dioceses of Ogbaru and Ihiala (from 2011)

Rooted in Jesus has been introduced by just two of these dioceses, Ogbaru and Ihialia. In 2011 a small team from the UK ran two introductory conferences in Ogbaru and Ihiala. 160 participants attended in Ogbaru and almost 140 in Ihiala. Both are young missionary dioceses, less than 5 years old, but church attendance is high and facilities good. Rooted in Jesus has been translated into Igbo for use in both dioceses.

The Diocesan Coordinator in Ihiala reported in August 2012 that groups had been successfully established in each of the 6 archdeaconries. Many had completed book 1, and new groups had been started. Most of the Archdeacons said that their Churches benefited immensely from the Discipleship programme; it had helped their members' growth and commitment.

In Ogbaru it was felt that Rooted in Jesus would be more useful for use in missionary work rather than in the established churches.


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